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Frequently Asked Questions

Venum Vapur is a manufacturer and distributor of liquid nicotine and non-nicotine formulas.  We are dedicated to creating quality vaping products made, manufactured, produced, and distributed in the United States of America; providing the consumer with the best e liquid and e juice vaping selection.  Our knowledgeable retail and wholesale specialists offer outstanding customer service, attention to detail, and are readily available to answer your questions. 

Below we have included some commonly asked questions and answers, intended to assist you in your purchase and understanding of our USA made e juice products. Our products are intended for persons of legal smoking age and should be kept out of reach by children and pets. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact us by phone at 1-229-405-2874 or for faster response by email at info (at) venumvapur (dot) com.  Please allow 24 - 48 hours.


About Our Products

1.) What is e-juice?

E-juice is a vaping formula consisting of either vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, or a mixture of the two, which may or may not contain nicotine; only to be used in combination with an electronic cigarette.  Many who use e-juice with electronic cigarettes do so to eliminate smoking harmful traditional cigarettes. E-juice is known by other names including liquid nicotine, e-liquid, e-cig liquid, smoke juice, vape juice, electronic cigarette liquid, e-cigarette liquid refill, and so forth. 


2.) What is the difference between the vegetable glycerin base (vg) and propylene glycol based (pg) formulas?

The vegetable glycerin (vg) formula is an all-natural formula base that offers a vast amount of vapor mist, when exhaled; creating the impression of smoke.  Some users say that the VG e-liquid formula also lasts longer. The propylene glycol (pg) formula base is a food grade USP chemical found in many food items often used as a preservative. Propylene glycol produces the "throat hit", simulating the feeling of a traditional cigarette.  We offer 50%VG/50%PG formulas.  With the 50%VG/50%PG formula, you get the "best of both worlds" a nice sizable vapor mist with a bit of the "throat hit". 


3.) What nicotine levels do you offer? 

We offer five (5) nicotine levels including 0mg, 3 mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, and 24mg.  It has been our experience that many chain and long term smokers often believe that they need the 24mg, however we suggest that heavy smokers try the 18mg first.  Starting with a lower nicotine strength, and increasing as you see fit may be the better approach to vaping.


4.) Do you offer any non-nicotine formulas?

Yes, all of our e-juice products come in a 0mg, which is a non-nicotine formula.  You can have the flavor without the nicotine.  This is a great value to our clients who want to totally kick the nicotine habit.


5.) What flavors do you offer?

Currently, advertised online for retail are our top selling e-juice flavorsWe carry an array of fruit flavors, tobaccos, holiday spices, and exotic essences.  Wholesalers will be happy to know that we also offer excellent original flavor blends of our e-liquid recipe.   


Ordering Process

6.) What can I expect when ordering from Venum Vapur?

Originality and Quality!  What sets Venum Vapur apart from other liquid nicotine companies is that all orders are prepared fresh to order.  Yes, the item of your choosing is prepared just for you.  Your selected item will not be sitting on a shelf, loosing precious nicotine strength and vapor. This is why we ask customers to allow 24 - 48 hours prior to shipping.  As a helpful tip, it is always best to order prior to running out of e-juice, to prevent any gaps or interruptions.


7.) Do I have to be a member in order place an order?

In short answer, no you do not have to be a member to order from us.  Just scroll through our online store, make your selection, and enter your shipping & billing information.  It's that easy!  You must be of legal smoking age and have a valid Visa, Master Card, Discover, or American Excpress card. 


8.) When reordering, do I have to re-enter all of my information again?

No, our shopping cart is designed to save you time! Once you have made your selection in the online store, click "Proceed to Checkout", then simply enter your name and email address, all of your previously entered information will appear. All you will have to enter is your credit card information.  To protect the safety and security of your credit card information we do not store credit card information online.  


9.)  How do you ship and is there a way I can track my order?

We ship through the United States Post Office - first class and priority mail depending on the size of the package.  Shipping is low with most orders. Once your order has been processed and shipped, you will receive a tracking number and you can go to the United States Post Office Website to track your package, just enter your tracking number.    


10.) Do you offer any e-juice specials, coupons, deals or additional savings?

Yes, Yes, Yes!!! Since we manufacturer our e-juice we are able to reduce our costs and truly pass on the savings to the consumer!  We always have new specials and incredible deals, so frequent our website often, we're sure to have something you're looking for!


11.) How do you use my contact information? What is your privacy policy?       

Safety and Security are our top priorities for all transactions! We only use secured online processing.  We do not sell, trade, or distribute your contact information or any other information we may collect from you to third parties.  All information collected is used for the sole purpose of Venum Vapur to enhance products, flavors, services, pricing and online features.  We may from time to time send correspondence about new products, specials deals and offers.  Visit our Privacy Policy page for detailed information. 


Wholesale Information and Quotes

Venum Vapur is an established name brand of liquid nicotine and non - nicotine products, serving all 50 states and US Territories including Hawaii and Puerto Rico.  As manufacturer of the best e-juice on the market, Venum Vapur is pleased to offer affordable wholesale options for budding new entrepreneurs and seasoned business owners.  Our talented wholesales specialists are informed and knowledgeable about formulations, flavors, distribution to mass market, top selling items, and a whole wealth of information readily available to you, and specifically tailored to your needs! 


13.) What are the benefits of ordering e-juice wholesale?

* Liquid Nicotine and Non - Nicotine made, manufactured, and produced in the U.S.A.

* Affordable minimum order

* Option of using Venum Vapur brand labels or your own

* Customize e-juice and e-liquid formulations

* Over 60 flavors

* Various bottle sizes, not available online

* A+ Customer Service

And Much, Much More... 

Call 1-229-405-2874 or email info (at) venumvapur (dot) com for a wholesale quote today!!!!

***You must be 18 to order any of our wholesale or retail products.***